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Your customers will be satisfied with ease of use and graphic impact.

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Mega Menu

Important management of your e-commerce with an evolved and customizable menu.

Diffrent Websites

What makes the difference? The uniqueness of your project. And so it will be.

Parallax Backgrounds

In marketing, studying backgrounds is essential. Our experts will adapt them to the best.

Diffrent Footers

Precisely this difference will give further value to your company.

Diffrent Slide Shows

The slides will be studied perfectly for every page of your site.

Video BG Effects

Video effects, through Java will help to surprise your customers.

20+ Feature Sections

The contents of your site will really be surprising, each page will be useful to present your products and services.

Designed for any Website

Your brand will be perfectly adapted for you. Our designers will assist you with this.


Your site will wander under the eyes of visitors.

Lifetime Updates e maintenance

Competitive updates and maintenance

We aim to create your site beyond your expectations!

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In a static site the translations will be carried out by our developers, instead in dynamic sites we will use our proprietary tools.
You will be contacted by the Lenake staff to be able to discuss and expand the features of your website.

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Fill out the form to schedule a telephone appointment with one of our experts for free and we will do our best to find the useful strategy for you!

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Your dedicated developer will follow you step by step in the development of your project.

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Based on your needs, the developer will be able to do what he does best even with the help of additional professionals in our team.

Are you online! That's all?

Once the site is finished, you will have 6 months of premium assistance which includes routine maintenance and the fulfillment of any requests. You will not be left alone to manage your site!

Quanto tempo serve per per la realizzazione di un sito di e-commerce personalizzato?

Once you send us all your information necessary to start setting up your e-commerce, our team will start working on the development of your portal.
The time may vary based on the complexity of the project you requested, but we will endeavor to finish the job within 3 weeks.

It is assumed that you are a business with a legal-tax constitution for the predisposition for sale and electronic commerce.
On the technical side you will need a domain and a 50 GB Plesk hosting package.

It is essential to comply with the new EU Regulation 679/2016 – GDPR in order to be in compliance with the processing of your customers’ data, in the e-commerce package you can also add the privacy information that we can produce for you at the modest price of 70 €.
You will also need maximum security for purchases (credit cards and other payment methods), we will take care of this.

During the deployment, our team will illustrate the steps you will have to perform to insert the new products / services you intend to insert. You will be able to continue with this on your own.

The costs will be those of ordinary maintenance which after 6 months of free premium assistance are equal to € 35 per month in addition to the cost of renewing the hosting and domain.

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